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Hi, Welcome to Personalised-Jewelry!

We are New, Refreshing, Original and born from the art and Jewellery of Robert Young Sculpture.


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Personalised Jewelry


Our world is to keep families and loved ones connected through the original designs of Robert Young. Each one of our Personalised-Jewelry pieces is made with love, that have been hand-crafted into a distinctive design and are then personalised for the individual wearer.


We invite you to browse our Website and fall in love with our unique designs.


To purchase your very own piece of Personalised-Jewelry please shop online or contact us on +612 9018 9543.


Personalised-Jewelry emerged from the fine Jewellery of Robert Young Sculpture. Robert Young an Artist, a Sculptor, a Photographer, a Jeweller, a Father Husband and Activist. This collection is born from the desire to have great original designs that emotionally connects you to your world.


Our Silhouette Collection reflects this philosophy so well. the true meaning of carrying you loved ones with you. Simply upload a pic of your loved one, in profile and we'll turn it into family treasure, a Sterling Silver or Gold Silhouette Pendants. (.....just imagine your children handing it down to their children)


Do you have a special gift idea for your loved ones?
Personalised Jewelry makes lovely gifts for birthdays and anniversaries or any occasion. We make stylish and original sterling silver Personalised Jewellery, like Hand Stamped Jewellery, embossed and engraved Jewellery.


We have the wide range of Personalized Jewelry patterns. Our Jewellery makes the perfect bonding for connecting family, partners, lovers, siblings, children, or even grandparents. Our Jewellery will be a lovely gift for the nearest and dearest on their birthdays and anniversaries. We offer jewelry, which will be fully customized and personalized as per your needs and are something really special for you.


Our Name Necklace Pendants also reflect the originality of Personalised-Jewelry. This Collection connects the whole family with a series of Sterling Silver or Gold Necklace Pendants. Just add the names of you family. Each name is inscribed to devide and connect the pendant to the next. When put together they all connect.


Personalised-Jewelry is a family owned and run jewellery design studio, based in Lilyfield 3ks from Sydney CBD.  Specialising in designs that capture the love and meaning of relationships, its pure handcrafted affection.

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